We've Got Hate Mail

Haters' Gonna Hate

From time to time, throughout the course of human history, detractors have gone to incredible lengths to make their simpleminded opinions heard. Because of the status of our television show we get the occasional envious individual who wants to let us know how they feel.

As Mark Twain once said “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” so here’s to those who remove all doubt!

I just want to say that Dan is a complete douche. Of course, I’m sure 90% of you e-mail says that. He’s a complete dick. :^)

Joe Blow

Location Unknown

Dan's Response

It’s actually closer to 100%. Joe, I really appreciate your kind words and the time you took to write them. It makes getting up in the morning so much easier knowing there are people out there in worse shape than I am.


Dan you know you’re a real fuck-hole. Some people like spitfires! Not everybody has 100 grand to put into a car you should probably consider eating a bag of dicks or chugging some cock. You’re a fucking idiot!

Rick P.

Arvada, CO

Dan's Response

You are one hilarious dude! I’m not actually sure what a bag of dicks are but the visual you presented is a bit weird. Hopefully you haven’t actually seen a bag full! We laughed all day and shared your voicemail around the office. You are a wordsmith to be remembered forever.


Big fan off the show you do great work but the car ignorant people you do work for are soooooo annoying!!! The dude with the red bug I wanted to drive there and punch him in the face, I just watched you ask “Audrey” her opinion on that beautiful 70 Chevelle and just based on her response I would have fired her on the spot, you obviously know your shit and are an Allstar in the game but you would save yourself a lot of grief if you would just show the customers their car when it’s finished, I’m I working class bum welder that will probably never be able to pay for the awesome work you do and rich people with no car sense are annoying and I don’t want to watch them complain about some awesome shit I would never have… Wounded wheels is amazing glad people like you exist!!!

Frank L.

Nassau County, NY

Dan's Response

Thanks Frank,
Appreciate the comments on Wounded Wheels. As for Audrey, I have tried firing her many times, she just won’t leave however so for now I’m stuck with her.


What the hell is with all the drama?  Are you building cars, or is your show a soap opera?  You don’t hear any yelling on Chip Foose shows!

Frank M.

Location Unknown

Dan's Response

Chip and I drew straws and I won so that’s why I got the drama.

Thanks for watching!

I’ve been watching your show consistently. However, I’ve recently decided not to anymore, due to, beleive it or not, the music, (not just your show). I’m a car guy. I want to hear the engine. Anyoen watching this show wants to hear the engines. Otherwise, we experience 30% of the chemistry. Tonight, I’m watching the episode about the 70 Chevelle SS. All i hear is loud rock, ALL THE TIME, but particularly while he is manualy adjsuting the idle. We want to hear the cam, the exhaust. Brigns us back to the old days, and creates a much sttoner bond than loud and obnoxiouis music drowining out. If yu deicde to mellow it out a little, email me, and I’ll begin watching again. FYI: There are several friends who have echo’d the same comments. Who decided loud music was a turn on?

Steve Y.

Southeastern, MA

Dan's Response

The motor on the Chevelle wasn’t the “big deal” in fact it’s a fairly stock 350 from a 70 Chevelle so no real turn on there. Exhaust is stock too so again the motor noise was a letdown. It was all about the doors and floors.

As for the music, I wanted Pink Floyd or Rush but was outvoted by the execs. I’ll pass your comments on but think they’ll be vetoed as one of the most common comments on the show is “great music”

Hey, I don’t get it either…

p.s. spell check is free.