We've Got Fan Mail

Lovers' Gonna Love
From time to time, throughout the course of human history, fans have gone to incredible lengths to make their wonderful opinions of us heard. We truly appreciate their words and want to share with the world what they said!

Here’s to you guys!

While taking care of my dad who had Alzheimer. My Pops first love besides mom of course was playing with his cars.
When the Alzheimer’s finally took his mind and he didn’t know who we were. We discovered one day as your show started. Dad became attentive. As soon as he saw Dan he came alive. He actually started talking about whatever vehicle you were working on. We realized every time Dan appeared he perked up. He new Dan served as did Pops and he had a great deal of respect for Dan as do we all.
Anyway as time went on we had to take him to a hospital. I made sure he had a TV to watch FantomWorks. On September 11, 2016 we watched an episode called “One tough customer” when your wood worker decided to take on that 1926 Model T that basically only had a frame and drive train. He did all the wood work and Dan loved it as well as my Dad who happen to be born in 1926.
Your shows meant so much to him. I could see tears running down his face. Tears of Joy. He passed away at 2:33 pm September 11th 2016. His last words were. “I would have liked to go for a ride in that one. That Dan is really something. Thanks for arranging this for me. I love you son.”
With that, his last breath. He was gone.
Somehow, your show got through to an 89 year old man with advanced Alzheimer’s. Those hours of lucidness that I got to spend with my hero meant so much I had to Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all of you whom allow us to look in to what is an amazing heart filled show. So many of you guys to thank as well. You men rock. Your welcome into my living room on that big screen every chance we get.

P.S Pops thought Audrey was amazing…so do I Jacob Mendelsohn

Victoria BC Canada

Hi my name is Ron.I am from Philadelphia and have been in the mechanical end of the business for 20 plus years.If you really operate by how many hours your guys spend on the car instead of industry estimated time and the quality of the work performed your labor rate is very affordable.The general public does not have a clue the work that you are performing both mechanical and auto body is off the charts for that kind of price.I would like for the naysayers to try to spend a day in our shoes.Every make and model.I don\’t think so.You have my admiration as an owner and a good person. Ray

Philadelphia, PA


I’d just like to say I love the philosophy and ethos of your company, theintegrity is rare indeed.

I watch from Scotland, but I know if I could, I would choose you guys forany work on my car!

Thanks Michael McDermott

Location Unknown

I watch your show religiously, I would like to say that you run an awesome shop. Your attention to detail and your professionalism shows on all your restorations. When ever I find my first car I bought in 1969 after my tour in Vietnam a 1961 Oldsmobile Star-fire Convertible. I don’t think I wouldn’t let any shop restore her but yours. The work you all do makes them look like they came right from the factory. Once again thanks for your show, and your professionalism. George Kuehne

Statesboro, GA, SFC USA Retired

I’ve just started watching a few of your shows. I have 7 British cars and I’ve worked on them forever. Just wanted to comment that your prices shown or hinted at on the show are very reasonable and if I need help on something I will certainly consider you. Gary David

Cleveland, OH

Hello, We just got Velocity and I just wanted to say I really enjoy the show; especially the concentration on the technical aspects. Too many car shows skimp on that and concentrate on the guys goofing around, or when they do show the work the camera jumps around and you can’t appreciate what’s going on.
What else; well, I like that you’re doing mostly straight restoration and not wild mods with little care for safety and performance. Also that there’s a variety of makes and vintages. With some shows it’s as if foreign cars don’t exist. Or an ordinary car can’t be special to its owner.Anyway, keep up the good work!
Regards, Gary Fuchs

Easton, PA, '99 Miata

I really enjoy your tv show. Your very good about showing how you solve car problems and seem honest about showing customer relations. That VW guy was out of line , but kudos for showing the good with the bad. I dont like some of the other tv car shows where the main topic is usually ridiculous employee issues or equally ridiculous time frame to build issues. There like a soap opera w cars as a secondary topic. Thanks for sticking to good old car stuff being resolved with good old normal mechanics. That Chevelle mod was really cool. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Geoff Garner

Austin, TX

I watch FantomWorks when ever it is on. I also record the show show I can watch them when my satellite goes out because of storms. I wish I had a car and the money to have FatomWorks to do a frame out
restoration. For now I will have to be satisfied with watch your show. I like the fact you cut no corners and do the necessary research to make sure the cars you turn out are correct. FantomWorks is an excellent show! Thank you for the hard and quality work. Michael Ruby

Location Unknown

I just watched the episode with the ’51 Buick Super.  I must say that I was completely blown away by how you handled this issue for the late owner’s family.  My hat goes off to you sir and your company.  I have been impressed for a while with the work your shop does from watching your show on TV but, to cover the labor on a build like that shows more integrity than it normally found in your business.  I am professional in the business and I have never seen such a thing of that magnitude.  Well played, sir.  Thank you very much for your service to our country and for being a stand up guy in general.  Best wishes to you and your crew. Don Watkins

Location Unknown

Dan, This is just a short note to tell you that of all the car shows on TV, your’s is the best. My oldest son is 35 and owns a restoration shop in N.J. We watch your every show because it paints a true picture of running a restoration shop and dealing with customers. John Mahoney, US Army, ’69-’72 John Mahoney

Location Unknown