1977 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1977 Corvette is mostly having mechanical work done, but it is also having some seat work done.   MotorWorks is rebuilding the engine, dropping the suspension, updating the wheels and tires, and some other odds and ends.  TrimWorks is rebuilding and recovering the leather seats and installing the interior panels.

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The 1977 Corvette arrived with only modest modifications. Mechanicals were carried over unchanged, as the year’s tweaks generally aimed for more refined cruising. Inside, the console was redesigned to accept a larger array of Delco audio decks (including an AM/FM/cassette stereo as a first-time option), its instruments were restyled for greater legibility, and climate controls were simplified.

A leather-rim sport steering wheel was adopted (tilt/telescope adjustment remained optional), along with a new “Smart Switch” steering-column stalk that combined the headlight dimmer and wiper/washer functions with the turn signals. The steering column itself was shortened to permit a more “arms-out” driving posture; the change also eased entry/exit somewhat.

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