1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Wounded Wheels)

WOUNDED WHEELS “Restoring Heroes and Hot Rods”

As Seen on Season One of FantomWorks

FantomWorks insight:  Wounded Wheels is a program designed to bring together disabled heroes and discarded classic automobiles in a way never thought of previously.   Wounded Wheels will restore a dilapidated American classic car and tailor it to a specific disabled veteran and in so, will help rebuild the life and return mobility freedom to a deserving veteran.  When brought together,  the Hero and the vehicle will come together to be greater then the sum of what began.

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Wheelchair & Backseat


Third Door




Body & Paint




One car, one Hero, one dream at a time.

Why FantomWorks created the “Wounded Wheels” Program:  Here at FantomWorks we understand the price of our everyday freedom. We understand that it comes at the sacrifice of our American fighting men and women around the world. These heroes who have given their lives, their well being, and of course, their own personal freedoms and time to guarantee our freedom.

A few specific details about Wounded Wheels: If a service member is a quadriplegic or has had multiple major limb amputations and can no longer drive a conventionally operated vehicle, Wounded Wheels will build that solider a car that will not only be wheel chair friendly but will also be wheel chair capable and operational.  A modified powered wheel chair will be tailored for the service member’s specific needs and adapted to enter the classic car and become part of that car as the driver’s seat. What this means is the service member will be able to enter, exit, and operate the car without additional assistance from any other persons and in a time frame similar to any other driver.  It is our goal to provide a vehicular mobility degree-of-freedom similar to individuals without any disabilities.  It is our profound hope to change the lives of these service members by giving them the ability to not only drive, but to drive the car of their dreams.

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