1946 Philco Radio Phonograph

This 1946 Philco Radio Phonograph is a Model 46-1201.  It’s getting a full restoration to return it to its music playing glory.

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Body Work


This model of Philco Radio is known to collectors as the “Bing Crosby Special” because of a Philco ad featuring Bing Crosby with the set.

The front lid opens (it flips down) to receive a 10 or 12 inch 78 rpm record.  When the lid is closed the record begins to play.   It also shuts off automatically when the song is finished.

This was a very popular model in its time. So much so, in fact, that it remained in production through the 1948 season.  It originally sold for $59.95

Read more about Philco at: http://www.philcoradio.com/history/