1941 Dodge WD15 Pickup

This 1941 Dodge WD15 Pickup needed some paint touch ups and a new carburetor.

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This is a very historically important segment of Dodge pickup history. First the engineering and design work to develop a light-duty Dodge military 4 wheel drive truck began in 1940. Second, the first light-duty factory built 4WD pickup was introduced in 1946 (The Power Wagon will be covered in a later segment). Third, these were the first pickups to be assembled in Dodge Truck’s huge, new trucks-only manufacturing plant. Fourth, Dodge was the first of the Big Three truck manufacturers to offer a diesel powered truck. It was all the more remarkable because Chrysler engineered and manufactured its own heavy-duty diesel engine. And lastly, these pickups are the most popular pickup series with Dodge truck collectors.

It was mandatory for a modern 1939 truck to featured streamlined styling. In the later 1930s streamlining was a requirement for trucks, cars, boats, planes, and trains and the new Dodge trucks were no exception. Streamlining was evident in the new sloped windshield, long sleek front and rear fenders with embossed “speed lines”, and a sharp “V” shaped grille.

After the War the 1 1/2-ton pickup was dropped and the one-ton was built only on the 120-inch wheelbase chassis with a 7 1/2-foot cargo box. Beginning in 1939 all Job-Rated pickups featured boxes with wood floors covered with steel skid strips.

The 1940 model was given a revised grille. The grille design was changed again in 1941 but this one continued through 1947 except that the lower chrome strips were deleted after the War.

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