1937 Volvo PV52

This 1937 Volvo PV52 was in need of a new gas tank.  We removed the old one and used it as a template to create a shiny new one for this classic car.

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The Original Gas Tank


The New Gas Tank


A company formed by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larssonon, Volvo was incorporated in 1915 as a subsidiary of AB SKF, the Swedish ball bearing manufacture, which is the largest bearing maker in the entire world. In Latin, the name Volvo manes ‘I Roll’. The Volvo symbol is an alchemist’s symbol for an iron ore.

Introduced in 1937 was the Volvo PV52 was the replacement to the PV51. Much better equipped than its predecessor , the PV52 came with two windscreen wipers, double sun visors, a sprung steering wheel, an electric clock, a loud horn, folding backrests, a heater with a defroster function and a reading lamp in the rear seat along with armrests in all the doors.

Read more about the Volvo PV52 at: http://archive.today/71YIY#selection-525.0-524.4