1932 Ford Roadster

This 1932 Roadster came in to have louvers installed on the top and sides of the hood.  It also had an automatic opening cowl induction scoop installed.

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The 1932 Ford is regarded as being definitive hot rod, and has been since the birth of hot rodding as we know it back in the Thirties. The Deuce’s popularity is easy to understand.

In 1931, the Model A was still very close to Henry Ford’s heart. Sales were slipping, and the stubborn Ford thought his dealers were the reason. When some of his staff were able to convince him that the Model A had become obsolete in a marketplace where people wanted more luxury in their cars, he had no firm plans for a new car or its engine.

Model A production was stopped in the United States and work on a completely new car began. In addition to the greater comfort the public wanted, the design goals for the ’32 Ford included more power and more elegant lines.

What reached the showrooms was a milestone in a number of ways. It was faster, more comfortable, more refined, a masterpiece of industrial design, and yet still affordable.

Among hot rodders, the popularity of the 1932 Ford has always remained strong. Back in the Forties, a Deuce roadster was easy to find and inexpensive. Hundreds of Deuces were recruited for racing on dirt oval tracks and dry lakes. Being simple cars made them easy to strip down and modify.

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