Check out this article from the FFJournal highlighting FantomWorks’ metalworking and fabrication work:


By Lynn Stanley

Restoration shop mixes high tech with old world craftsmanship

July 2014 – For much of his 25-year career in the U.S. Army, Dan Short wanted to start his own business, but the shape it would take was unclear. For almost as long as Short served his country, he also worked to perfect skills on another front—restoring classic cars.

In 2005, the retired Army major found a way to combine his military experience and knowledge with his love of cars. Pooling his resources, Short established DRS Automotive FantomWorks in a burned out warehouse in Norfolk, Virginia, then worked his way into a 60,000 sq. ft. brick, wood and steel prewar era linen cleaning facility.

The fabrication shop has evolved into an all-inclusive operation with its own reality show on Discovery’s Velocity cable television channel. FantomWorks is a mix of high tech know-how and old world craftsmanship….

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