Hey everyone, this week we feature a day in the life of Sadie, the FantomWorks shop cat.  Anyone that has stopped by unexpectedly or come for one of our tours have probably seen this little one or even been lucky enough to have her come up for affection.  This 1 year old Orange Tabby was originally a foster kitty from one of our employees.  Having a need for a good mouser here at the shop, she seemed like a good option.  After Heidi agreed to not make a snack out of her, she has come to make the entire shop her home.  Being a cat she does not do too much except sleep but she does find some interesting places to take a nap.  We have caught her on top of vehicles, inside boxes, curled up on our FantomWorks t-shirts and to the chagrin of everyone, Heidi’s bed.  Since she has been here we have gotten her own bed, made some changes to the office doors and gotten used to being a lap for a cuddly kitty.  Thankfully she has proved her worth by catching more then a few mice since she has been with us, so we can accept her sleeping all the time.