In preparation for Dan’s Route 66 Road Trip that will essentially take him all the way across this great country, we have created a basic list of items that are getting packed.  This list is just what Dan recommends and may not apply to every vehicle or road trip.

As every vehicle is different and every road trip will require some variation in what is required these are just guidelines that Dan’s has found works for his vehicle.  Please use your discretion when packing for your own road trip as you know your vehicle the best.  Dan is taking a 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe with spinners so as you can see from the photos, a lead mallet is included in his tools.

Dan’s tools

During this trip Dan will be joined by another mainstay here at FantomWorks, Super Dave, who is the proud owner of the black and yellow 59 Corvette.  Dave takes this vehicle on numerous road trips and has made some customization to his vehicle to aid in storing everything that he needs for his travels.  This includes some extra pockets in the trunk along the body panels, an extra storage area where the convertible top should go and numerous little pockets within the interior.

Tools: A set of common sockets and/or wrenches for your vehicle,  screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, channel locks, wire crimpers, voltage multimeter, allan and crescent wrenches and maybe a large screwdriver and/or wrench for that really big job.  Included in this should be tire lug wrenchs, jacks and maybe a couple of jack stands.  Everyone should have a sharpen pocket knife on their person, so why shouldn’t your car?  Duct tape do we need to expand on the uses of this stuff?  A stock tire plug kit could save you when a double flat happens in the middle of nowhere.

Spares: Spare belts, extra wires and even some extra hoses.  If it is essential to the running of a engine then you should probably have a backup in case it breaks.  Included in this is should be spare liquids such as gas, oil, water, braking fluid etc…

Extras: Extra chargers for phones or GPS, you never know when one will go bad or missing.  Extra batteries for the flashlight or any other electronic device that uses them.  Don’t want to be caught on a dark road with a flashlight with dying batteries.  Zip ties and baling wire, are a useful item that can preform many helpful jobs. J.B. Weld is useful for plugging up rust holes or repairing leaks in intake manifolds.  Silicon sealant has many different types that can be used for various applications.  Extra lug nuts, just in case you lose a few changing that tire in the middle of the night.

Maps: In this day and age of electronics with almost all have GPS, maps seem outdated.  However as anyone that has traveled knows there are spots where the GPS goes haywire or you lose cell phone service, when this happens a paper map is essential.

Cash: Cash is good everywhere.  Always have some cash on hand and then have some stashed in a safe place in the vehicle.  Don’t want to lose your wallet and have nothing at all as backup.

Survival Items: A well stocked first aid kit is essential, as is a handy fire extinguisher.  In addition to these you should also have spare drinking water and maybe a few snack items and or sweets.

Specialities: Dan is taking a lead mallet for his spinners as it is impossible to remove a tire without one and the chances of finding one on the side of the road is remote.  You should know if there is a tool that is required to complete a repair that might arise on the road.

This is just a basic recommended list and can be adjusted according to your vehicle’s needs and the distance you are traveling.  One thing that is a requirement is to enjoy your trip and realize that something is going to happen.  Having a good attitude and not letting an incident destroy your trip is one of the most important tools you can bring on any road trip.  Remember breaking down was almost a guarantee for traveling and is essentially part of the experience, laughing about it will help and will be a big part in the retelling of your adventures in the future.

Did we miss anything?  If so leave us a comment so that we and others can learn from your experience.