Today is March 9th, just one day before the novel The Godfather was released in 1969 by Mario Puzo. In honor of this occasion, we are sharing Virgil’s 1941 Lincoln Continental. In The Godfather, this was the vehicle the oldest son, Sonny Corleone, drove and was later assassinated in. There were only 850 of these produced in the Coupe style. Whenever a person was seen in this vehicle everyone in town knew they were a somebody. That the person behind the wheel was important. A level of prestige vehicles don’t quite achieve today because anyone can go out and buy a car they cant afford. But for the Corleone family, there is no more quintessential car they could have driven.

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. We have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners. This post was made with consent from the owner.

With a truly massive and graceful V12 engine it was graceful yet it still had the power behind it to make it something you could drive daily. Virgil purchased this pinnacle of beauty in honor of his father. As a child, Virgil fondly remembers growing up with this vehicle and sitting in the backseat during family excursions in both upstate New York and New York City. They would often drive into the city and his parents would go out shopping, generally with his mother returning with a new Mink coat or carrying a new tennis outfit for Saturdays at the club. But don’t get the wrong impression, Virgil’s father came to the US with almost nothing but a single suitcase, and earned his wealth through working to no end while building up his business of importing fine clothing from around the world.

Virgil carried that same level of determination and work ethic when he entered the workforce in advertising. After 40 years of dreaming about it, he finally purchased the elegant vehicle you see today. This vehicle has since been fully restored and even though Virgil wasn’t able to do the work himself as he has gotten older, he still has a deep connection to the Lincoln and it is an important part of his life.

While he may not have been able to get the car in time to drive his children around when they were young, he says his favorite thing is getting to drive his grandkids around when they are in town for a visit.