For the first two weeks in April, Dan, some of FantomWorks more famous customers, and some of the crew will be traveling across America on the Route 66. Although the Mother Road has evolved with some stretches of it now being over paved with freeways and bypasses, we will be traveling as much of the 1957 routing of Route 66 Highway as possible.

We are doing this for two reasons. First, its simply one of the best vacations possible. An opportunity to drive an old car along the most famous highway in the world is an immersive experience of sights, sounds, and smells. It’s as close to time travel as you can do without the help of HG Wells. There is nothing like seeing America and its historical offerings in a classic car. The other reason, and even more importantly for Dan, is that he’s writing a series of novels where the story plays out largely along the famous highway both in present day as well as in the spring of 1957. This trip for him is a journey of discovery both of the physical routing of the road as well as the past places and events that took place along the highway. Both will become part of the novel series. The first novel is complete and at the final editor in preparation for publication. He’s doing research to corroborate his locations and places for the second book. So not only will you get to see much of America’s heartland, Dan will help narrate some of the important facets of the highway so you can understand more of why it’s become the most famous highway of all time.

During this trip we pretty much know two things, the location and day we start the trip as well as the day and location we will finish it on. From April 7th to April 21st we will go from the sign that marks the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago all the way to the sign that marks the end on the Santa Monica Pier. Along the trip we will outline that day’s travels and perhaps some thoughts of the next. We’ll take guesses at the places we intend on staying at overnight so if a few members of the group wish to visit a different point of interest, lag behind or want to get somewhere early they know where to go. Otherwise the itinerary will be created on the fly as it has for the previous two trips.

We will have 14 days to travel the approximately 2200 miles of Route 66 with an average of about 200 miles a day which includes some excursions. Some will be shorter and some will be longer. We will journey mostly along the 1957 routing of the road. Some of that routing is no longer passable as bridges and modifications to the landscape have made that impossible.

Transportation: They are probably about what you’d expect. Whatever your costs of driving to Chicago (or transportation if you so desire), travel along 2200 miles of road and then return driving or transportation. Last time I drove it, I put a total of about 3300 miles on my Vette from Norfolk to Chicago to Los Angeles. I get 14MPG so I sucked up about 235 gallons of gas.

Lodging: 14-16 days of lodging all of which is along Route 66. Rooms will run anywhere from 50 per night to 200 depending on how you want to go. I stayed in mostly older historic hotels and probably averaged about 75.00 per night overall. So 75X15= $1125.00. If you have richer tastes, it might be a bit more for you.

Attractions: most of what you want to see is free. I’d certainly budget a few hundred bucks for attractions as there are some that you will have to pay for.

Food: I’m a simple guy and love Waffle house. Breakfast is 10 bucks or less. I probably averaged about 30 – 40 or so a day for food so 35X15= $525.00 per person or so.

Coordination: This is a journey of discovery and what makes it fun is both the group sharing the events and sights as well as each person’s personal adventures. There is no requirement to “stay with the group” like ducks in a row but that is an option if you happen to like the particular lead that day. I say this because I want to make sure that no one attempts to “spoil” the adventure by insisting on an agenda, demanding where we’re going to be and forcing the group into a pattern that not everyone wants to share. So, be prepared to break into smaller groups as you wish and we can join up. We’ll all have cell phones and be covering the journey on social media. It will be easy to link up along the way.