Often when you ask someone about their car, there is a great story behind it. It may be the owner chasing down the exact same car they had when they first started to drive, a long restoration process with their family or something that has been passed down to them from one generation to the next. Those are all very special stories, but you don’t need a great history with a vehicle you own for it to be fun. A new vehicle can be purchased without needing a backstory. Which is great, because it allows a new story to unfold and new passion to be brought into the hobby.

1968 Camaro

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners, we simply saw the photos and felt they should be shared with the world to inspire others on their build. Or, simply put, its great eye candy for those of us who can’t make it to car shows or meetups as often as we would like. This post was made with written consent from the owners.

That’s where today’s Fan Car Friday comes from. Steve and Maxine both had great vehicles in the ‘70s when they were in highschool, a used 1972 Chevelle and a new 1979 Camaro respectively. They enjoyed both of these great vehicles in their highschool years, but it wasn’t something that their lives revolved around. It was a cool part of their highschool experience, but when the cars were sold their lives moved on. It wasn’t until the last 5 years that they got to a point in their life where they started thinking about their old highschool days. Needless to say, they wanted to have that feeling of freedom they had when they were kids.

After a bit of searching they came upon a 1968 Tripoli Turquoise Camaro Convertible, for which they are the 5th owners of. Luckily, the two previous owners are only 20 miles away so if they ever have questions about they vehicle it wont be hard to track them down. The car itself is a numbers matching 327 with a column shift automatic, converted power drum brakes all without any AC. But lets be honest, if its hot enough to need AC, you’ll have the top down anyway. The car has most of its original documentation with the owners manual, Protect-o-Plate, convertible top manual and photos of all the stampings on the car. Steve and Maxine can admit they should have done more homework before purchasing the car, but the incorrect hood and passenger mirror can be replaced down the line.

Their favorite thing about the car is how they both feel like a couple of kids again whenever they drive around town.

Our favorite thing about the vehicle is how earlier this year we highlighted a car that was featured in Anchorman II, and today we get to share a car and couple who got to participate in the DC Cherry Blossom Festival Parade where they escorted a very important cast member from Anchorman 2 (Baxter, Will Ferrell’s dog). To read more about that build visit: https://fantomworks.com/12763/fan-car-friday-red-1971-chevelle/

Baxter riding shotgun in the Cherry Blossom Festival