After all the work that we have done, all the repairs we had to do, all the trials we had to endure… the FantomWorks Americana Museum is finally open.  With quite a bit of work by our new Sales & Marketing Director, Connor, who took more than a few Saturdays up there getting everything nice and organized, we now can show off the Americana collection that Dan has collected over the years.  So want to see some great examples of classic Americana come take a tour of our shop and make sure they show you the museum.  From antique toys to genuine pieces of our American history this museum has a little bit for everyone.  Our shop tours are held every Wednesday and Friday at 3pm, so if you are ever in the Norfolk area come on by and check out what we have in the shop right now.

Thanks for sharing the love and support you guys and gals give us and we look forward to seeing you in a shop tour.