You often hear the phrase “Christmas came early” with enthusiasm, not quite as often heard is “Christmas came late”. Today we say, with enthusiasm, Christmas came late. As part of our effort for new changes for 2018 we’re happy to show off the new equipment we’ve received from Sunex Tools. When we saw some employees had Sunex tools that were older than FantomWorks itself, we knew it would be a solid brand to go to. The fact that it was not yet another Chinese made throwaway further solidified our choice.

Here at the shop people already have their own rolling tool chests. But, they may be too small, the doors may be crooked or the hinges are too loose to close fully. We decided for 2018 it was time to upgrade or grow the more tenured staff’s storage solutions with 10 new rolling too chests.

But you can’t just give them empty tool chests. Its like giving your kid that popular new toy at Christmas without any batteries. Its just not right. So, to go with them are tons of new pneumatic tools and socket sets. Whether its metric or SAE, the body shop or in mechanical we wanted the guys to have something they could be proud of and not have to think twice about when doing work. So, here’s to 2018 and all the great work the guys will be doing this year.