For today’s Fan Car Friday we get to share Roger’s 1971 Chevelle. This is a Chevelle of Hollywood fame. There are over 100 different movies where the 1971 Chevelle makes a clear appearance, and this one comes from the widely successful Anchorman 2. During one of the most notable scenes in the movie you can clearly see this Roger and his beauty drive past the actors for almost 10 seconds of screen time.

1971 Chevelle in Anchorman 2

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners, we simply saw the photos and felt they should be shared with the world to inspire others on their build. Or, simply put, its great eye candy for those of us who can’t make it to car shows or meetups as often as we would like. This post was made with written consent from the owner.


1971 Chevelle


Throughout his life Roger owned many muscle cars, but after starting a family he had to trade that style in for a more family friendly car. As time went on and things started to settle in Roger was able to be on the lookout for his next muscle car again. During his tenure at the Air Force Roger spent many years looking for the right vehicle and one day he finally found it. Despite his desire to own it, Roger was putting his family before his hobby and decided to let it pass because they did not have the proper funds to buy it. That is a tough thing to do considering Roger’s daughter, Jen, was always bugging her mom saying “I wish he would hurry up and just buy one” to which his wife Jean would respond “Don’t rush him, I don’t want him buying one he really doesn’t really like”. I guess the old saying is true, every good man has an even better woman behind him; and in this case it was two very supportive women.
1971 Chevelle


Time passed and it just so happened that when his wife and daughter were out of town that Roger found his 71 Chevelle. Of all places, it was only 10 miles away from his house. He immediately fell in love when he saw it. He was heading off to South Carolina’s Run to the Sun show and wanted to give the car some thought before really giving it a thorough look. There were many beautiful cars at Myrtle Beach, but Roger continued to compare them to the Chevelle. He came very close to buying a 1965 SS Chevelle in red, but it did not have the big block he desired.1971 Chevelle Dash


The entire ride back from South Carolina Roger had one thing on his mind, the Chevelle. After a quick test drive, he knew it was the one for him, and purchased it in March of 2006. It drove great, was in good shape and it had everything he was looking for. The Chevelle is equipped with a big block, power breaks, power steering, A/C, tilt wheel, bucket seats, Turbo 400 transmission, Cowl Induction hood, Super Sport stripes, badges, wheels and it was in his favorite color-red. Roger was too excited to snap a few photos for Jean and Jen, he only hoped they would like it as much as he did.1971 Chevelle Interior


As it turns out, Jen is as car crazy as Roger is. She quickly gave the car the nickname “The Girl”, she’s the official photographer of the car and she truly loves the vehicle. While Jean may not be as diehard a fan as her daughter and husband, she loves riding in the Chevelle. Especially if it is a coastline drive.

Roger’s family know how to truly enjoy a vehicle. They love to take the car out on the road frequently. Whether its cruising to a local show or going out of town, its always a fun ride. The Chevelle hasn’t visited every state in the USA but it has crossed many stateliness going to Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. With the 700R4 transmission this vehicle is able to get 20mpg on the highway even with the A/C on and the RPMs stay close to 2000 at 70mph.1971 Chevelle Engine


After finding the original build sheet Roger was able to determine that it is a local car to Georgia. From this they found the original dealership (Bill Nash Chevrolet in Monroe Georgia) as well as the original owners! This car is in the condition it is today due to 12 years of care with help from Roger’s friends Dan, Tommy, Gary, David, Dana and Bill. Roger’s favorite thing about the Chevelle is how much it maintains the stock, original 1971 appearance. Rogers says he looks forward to attending more cruise ins and meeting new friends along the way.