Most of the FantomWorks team joined Dan down in Las Vegas for the annual SEMA show.  It was a week of cars, fans, meet and greets and other miscellaneous adventures.  The whole team enjoyed the sights at the Hoover Dam as well as Red Rock Canyon getting to enjoy the grandeur and magnificence of what man and mother nature can create.  We all got to enjoy a huge group dinner and most of us tried to make it to breakfast together, some days making it to breakfast was an event in itself.  In between Dan signing autographs at the Por15 booth and doing live events for Velocity, Dan did get drive a Lamborghini Aventador around the city.  Instead of manning a booth and showing a car, Dan was able to walk around SEMA for business purposes. He found an incredible 3D printer, CNC machine and a scanning system that would be invaluable for the shop.  We brought back some good stories and a ton of pictures, to see more check out our Facebook photo album here.

Thanks for sharing the love and support you guys and gals give us and we look forward to next year at SEMA, when we once again will attempt to bring an epic build and hopefully achieve another speeding work of art.