In this Fan Car Friday we will be taking a look at a beautiful 1960 Cadillac. Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans restored or looked after. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners, we saw the photos and felt they should be shared with the world to inspire others on their build. Or, simply put, its great eye candy for those of us who can’t make it to car shows or meetups as often as we would like. All posts are made with written consent of the owners.

Jon purchased this Cadillac, known as Lucille, in 2013 with only 60,000 miles as he was medically retiring as an airborne infantryman. He served in the 82nd at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and the 1/509th at Fort Polk in Louisiana. He wanted the biggest piece of American steel, 2 door car with the largest fins he could find. No surprise when the 60 Cadillac was the frontrunner. She’s all original series 62 from his hometown of St. Louis, MO.

Aside from new (stock) exhaust and the usual tune ups, carb and water pump rebuild, she’s bone stock from the day she left the factory.

Jon says this car is an absolute boat. The look is perfect, the fins are sharp, the body panels are longer than any modern smart car, the turn signals are located on the front fenders instead of the inside of the car and the AM radio still works so Jon can listen to the ballgame while on a long cruise. Everything about this car he loves.

If you couldn’t tell, the car has enough room for 4 people, 4 golf bags and still enough room to still arrive in style. Whenever Jon takes Lucille out, every stranger wants to strike up a conversation with him. Jons cons would be…well nothing. He does want some wide white walls, but his tires now are new, maybe the Biarritz trim package would have been nice too. But, honestly he isn’t complaining about either.

Jon’s favorite thing about this car is The unique turn signals, the fins and everyone giving him smiles as he cruises around town.

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