Hey everyone, Dan really gets a kick out of seeing his FantomWorks T-shirts at locations around the globe, so we thought you guys might like it as well.  For this one we go to As, Belgium which is a little village of 8200 individuals located in the northern portion of Belgium.  We are very grateful to Dexters who is the gentleman in the photos for sharing these with us.  So come on and lets all learn a little about him as well as what exactly this monument is.

Dexters is a 60 year young car lover who has been this way since his father took him to a race at Zolder Terlaemen for his 12th birthday.  Zolder Terlaemen is an undulating 4.011 km (2.492 mi) Motorsport race track in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium and was the location were a popular Canadian Formula 1 driver, Gilles Villeneuve lost his life during qualifying for the 1982 Belgium Grand Prix.  As Dexters grew older, he participated in numerous rallies in Belgium and abroad as a co-driver eventually making it up to the Works team of Datsun.  Datsun eventually changed its name to Nissan around 1982, when that team stopped rallying.  Dexters became a member of the official Scuderia Ferrari Fan club of Belgium and has been an active member of the board since the mid 80’s.

The monument that Dexters is photographed with is a dedication to Andre Dumont, professor at the University of Louvain and discoverer of the first coal in the Campine region in 1901.  This lead to the industrialization of the region as well as the opening of 8 coal mines, some of them were still productive until 1987.

So thank you again to Dexters and to answer your question. We don’t have anything against Ferrari’s at the shop and hopefully in the next couple of seasons will have one on the show.