Hey everyone, in case you didn’t know FantomWorks closed early last Friday, August 18, for a team event.  Well, we figured that we would share a small inside view into this event, our annual End of Summer BBQ.  This year our good friend Dave let us have this event at his lovely beach house in the historic Willoughby Spit area of Norfolk.  Most of the whole FantomWorks team with their families showed up and and all were welcomed by Dave and his lovely wife. Cornhole and beach horseshoes were set up and played by those daring to stay in the sun. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the beach as well as the mist fan set up to help cool off the guests.  While the adults enjoyed some beverages and good conversations, Dan introduced all the kids to his “Asalt gun”, which was a fun little gadget that shoots salt at flies.  Everything went exceedingly well, even though we had a small fire while trying to clean the grill.  The burgers and hot dogs went as fast as the grill could cook them and went great with all the side dishes that everyone brought. After everyone filled their bellies and while we lounged around discussing various conversations, the sun began to set on our BBQ.  Once the sun disappeared over the horizon, the games and food got cleaned up and everyone made there way home, we all said goodbye to yet another summer at FantomWorks.