Good news, everyone, we have a remodeled and much improved bathroom now.  For those that had taken the tour in the past will know that the visitor bathroom here at FantomWorks looked bad.  It was small, dark and cramped with a feeling reminiscent of the gas station bathrooms of old. But not in a good way.  So after much work, the building crew here has completely revamped the bathroom and turned it into something we can happily invite guest to use.

Hidden behind an unassuming bookcase, that most people just walk by without a second glance, is our guest bathroom.  We removed the stall with the normal style toilet and have replaced with a suspended tank style toilet.  The walls have been insulated and dry-walled then adorned with a small sample of Dan’s collection.  The wood wall behind the sink as well as the wood vanity are a luscious dark wood stained that work beautifully with the brass mirror frame and faucet.  So if you are ever here for the tour and need to use the facilities, it’s behind the bookcase and enjoy the history that is hanging on the wall.  Stay tuned as we continue to improve our shop and preserve this great historic building.