Hey everyone, this week for our feature showcase a really gorgeous 1969 Pontiac GTO from Mark located on the East Coast of the United States.  Mark has owned this GTO for about 15 years now, but has had a long history with the GTO, which began his senior year of high school in 1969.  Back then, his brother had come home from college and his mother was looking to replace her ’65 Mustang, so they all made a visit to the local Pontiac dealer.  First spotting a beautiful LeMans, the two brothers were soon drawn to a Midnight Green, 4-speed, 400 c.i. 350 GTO.  Being immediately sold, the two just needed to convince their mom how much a better and safer car this GTO was then the LeMans.  After a little bit of sales-pitching the brothers accomplished their mission and the GTO was theirs.  Or more accurately, theirs on the weekends as their mother drove the car to her job as a high school guidance counselor.  The next year, the charismatic duo successfully convinced their mother that this GTO would be the safest car for them to drive to college in.  Feeling slightly guilty, for a short while, the boys left off to college leaving their mother with a brand new, bare bones, under-powered Chevelle.

Flash forward a couple of decades and Mark got the bug to find another ’69 GTO.   The one he ended up getting was this Judge Tribute out of Akron, Ohio.  This GTO was built Dec. 13, 1968 in Framingham, Mass. and was originally sold by Jones Pontiac Co. in Lancaster, PA.  Born with Verdoro Green paint with a black cordova top, it has 400 c.i. 350 HP motor with a 4-speed manual transmission.  The owner then decided to make a Judge tribute, so he added the Carousel Red paint with Judge stripes and Judge wing with a new Parchement Interior.  With its power steering, power front disc brakes, Safe-T-Track rear axle, Rally 2 wheels and retractable headlamp covers, it is a fitting tribute.  Not originally looking for a Judge tribute, but once seeing it, Mark ended up having to own this beautiful orange and white interior GTO.  Eventually wanting to repaint it the Midnight Green to replicate his mothers, Mark continues to enjoy his example of the car that hooked him decades before.