Hey everyone, this week we look back at the long road the shop has traveled to get a “Museum” in place.  Started not too long after the shop was ready, the space that is currently referred to as the Museum, began as a large brick warehouse located behind the Boat Shop.  Many, many years later we are finally close to having a display area for the wonderful Antique Americana that Dan has collected over time.  Hoping to be open to the public soon, we are finishing up the area by cleaning up the clutter and organizing the collection.  The road has been long and indescribably rocky but we have overcome the monumental task of restoring an old warehouse into two working spaces, dealing with the leaky roof of an almost hundred year old building and the damaging effect that had on a wood floor.  So hopefully in the near future, tours will be able to visit this wonderful room filled with the variety of items from the past, that we at FantomWorks fondly refer to as the Museum.