Hey everyone, this week we showcase something that anyone who have been inside the Malt Shop at FantomWorks has seen.  This is one of the pieces from our “museum” that has not quite made it upstairs to the “museum”.  As the “museum” is still under construction, we have decided to post some of the displays here.  Once this area is completed the “museum” will display some more of the antiques and collectibles that Dan has acquired over the years, during the weekly shop tours.

This is a early 1900’s Horizontal Barrel Scale Style #144 from the Computing Scale Company out of Dayton, Ohio.  This one was probably produced between 1905 and 1910, as the last Patent date was in 1904.  The ornate brass, glass and cast iron scale would have been used for computing weight and price cost in a mercantile or general country store during the beginning of the 20th century.  Our model, S/N 334514, still works and only shows its age in the missing flakes of paint around its base and by the discoloration of the paper barrel used to as its display.  The beautiful brass plates are all engraved accenting the glass viewing ports on either side of the computing barrel.  For those not familiar with the Computing Scale Co., later known as the Dayton Scale Company, they built and marketed the first computing scale in 1891.  In 1911, they were part of the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company before becoming a division of IBM in 1933.  Not long after the Dayton Scale Division was sold to the Hobart Manufacturing Company when IBM decided to stop marketing scales to retail stores.

So if you are ever in Norfolk, VA on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 3pm and have the time for a tour, stop by and check out this and some of the other examples of Americana Dan has collected.