Hey everyone, this week we feature a day in the life of Heidi, the FantomWorks shop dog.  Anyone that has stopped by unexpectedly or come for one of our tours have probably been greeted by Heidi.  This 6 1/2 year old German Shepard has found her niche and performs her duties as if she was born for this job.  Able to be fiercely protective one moment and the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet the next, Heidi amazes everyone that witnesses her let herself in and out of every door by popping the handles to open them.  She has free run of the shop and knows every aspect of the building almost as good as Dan does.  Heidi starts every day with a short walk around the building with Dan, then its sitting at the garage door waiting for Melissa to come in.  After morning duties are done Heidi takes Melissa for a brisk walk around the block before lunch.  Lunch is spent either eating with the fellas in the Malt Shop or waiting for Dan’s scraps when he does take the time for lunch.  Afternoon naps under the desk, following Dan around the shop or just chilling on the concrete floor of the ShowRoom finishes out the day.  Once everyone has gone for the day, then its a relaxing bone chew on her bed to finish off a day in the life of a shop dog.