Hey everyone, this week we check out a beautiful handcrafted addition to Dan’s Office. This walnut and glass display case was created in the wood shop here at FantomWorks. Designed to fit within the original windows that separated Dan’s Office from his personal entrance into the Malt Shop, they hold Dan’s favorite from his collection.  Holding over a hundred models from small matchbox size cars to the larger C1 Corvette, this wonderful addition allows the models to be displayed but not get overly dusty in this shop environment.  The glass display case include a bookshelf bottom that hold Dan’s collection of automobile manuals and various automobile related books.  Still in the process of being completed, these glass cabinets will have overhead lighting that will illuminate each shelf, allowing the beauty of each model to be shown. So if you ever come down to the shop for a Friday tour, peer through the glass to check out this excellent example of the work we do here at FantomWorks.