Because you’ve waited long enough…

Even dreams have expiration dates

“At FantomWorks the process of building the car of your dreams takes our artisans one to two years of skilled labor to complete. The parts budget for a full restoration is driven by the market and can vary tremendously. If what you’re looking for is a shop to paint over blemishes and turn out a budget build then we are not your shop.  Every day, in every way, our artisans are honing their craft to bring you the finest restorations possible.”

-Dan Short

Want some authentic Fantomworks gear, interested in collectible Americana or want some of the awesome stuff that you see in the background of the show?  Then come check out our online store.


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Come by on Wednesday or Friday at 3:00pm for a tour!

NOTE:  We will be closed Monday, May 28, 2018 for the Memorial Holiday.

To ensure everyone enjoys the tour, we will limit tour groups to 40 people.  The tour is $10 person regardless of age.  If we are at capacity and you must attend the tour that day, the charge will be $15, with overage limited to 10 people.  The tour is first come, first serve.  Due to the nature of our business, as well as the extent of our filming schedule please do not show up for the tours any earlier then 2:30pm.

Please note:  We have a large Alpha female German Shepard, Heidi, that guards the grounds here at FantomWorks. She is great at her job and a third of the time she gets along with other dogs, a third of the time there are fights and occasionally visiting pets disappear.  So, we love pets but please do not bring your pet to the tour as we cannot guarantee that Heidi will get along with them.

Want us to work on your project?  Tell us what you are looking for in your dream car.


We strongly encourage you to research any automotive shop’s quality, reputation, and integrity before you make any sort of investment. After thorough research, we are confident you will discover FantomWorks is your only choice because, in reality, we don’t have any local competition and only a handful of competitors in the United States.  

“FantomWorks, because you’ve waited long enough…”

Heidts Dealer of the Year FantomWorks