Vehicle Insurance

Coverage while your vehicle is at FantomWorks


DRS FantomWorks carries no insurance to cover your vehicles against “Acts of God” while it is in storage or being worked on at either of our facilities. We do however have insurance that covers negligence. What this means is if God brings down a tornado that destroys our building (and your car), it’s up to your insurance to repair your car. On the other hand, if we drive a car or forklift into your car or any of the DRS FantomWorks employees does something to damage your car via negligece, we have insurance that covers it. So bottom line is “if we’re negligent, we pay.” If what happens is out of our control taking normal precautions, it’s on you. This is an absolutely standard industry practice and everyone from Ace Hardware to Walmart follows this model.


Customers are required to maintain comprehensive insurance to cover any liability on your car while it is being worked on. Once your vehicle is in a drivable state, you are required to maintain legal vehicle registration and insurance (liability as well as comprehensive), and we of course will always recommend collision insurance. Please consider our article on the “collector car insurance” under our “News and FAQs” link on the home page for suggestions if you do not have insurance or need to upgrade or switch insurance carriers. We understand that you will probably not be in a position before the vehicle arrives to have it inspected by a licensed Virginia Vehicle Inspection Station and will work with you to ensure you can meet all requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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