MotorWorks Services


Whether you need your transmission rebuilt or you want it replaced with a different transmission, give us a call for the best quality and customer service you have ever experienced. We can remove your automatic and replace it with a 4 speed, 5 speed, or even 6 speed standard. If you have an old or classic car and are having trouble finding a reliable garage to service your automatic or standard transmission, we specialize in those services. Contact us at DRS Automotive FantomWorks. We specialize in classic car maintenance, modifications (addition of power steering, brakes, air conditioning or anything else you want done), high performance modifications of any kind, and complete rotisserie restorations.

Generators, Alternators, Starters

If you have an antique car and are having difficulty finding a reliable shop to work on your car’s starter, generator, alternator, or for that matter, any part of it, visit the team at DRS FantomWorks and see what service is all about. We are a highly experienced team of automotive craftsmen and artisans that live, eat, breathe and think cars. Please call and get straight talk and honest answers. We work with everyone from auto enthusiasts to folks that don’t know how to open their own hoods. We can work with anyone on almost any budget to build any part of your car to the entire vehicle.


If you have tried rebuilding your carburetor with little or no success or you have no idea how to rebuild it properly, give us a call to see what we can do for you. We can restore Carters, Webbers, Rochesters, Holleys, Edelbrocks, Demons, SUs, or about anything else. Sometimes rebuilding a carburetor isn’t enough. If you have vacuum leaks because of throttle shaft wear into the main throttle body, you have to close up the air gaps. The only way you can get this done is by inserting bushings into the throttle bodies to bring back the original specifications of clearance.


If you have a high performance engine in your street rod or want one, we can do all levels of engine repair and maintenance including: crate motor swaps, complete head reconditioning and repair, performance upgrades, intake swaps, crank resurfacing, cam replacement, rod and piston replacements or anything else you would like. Come see the crew that has over 90 years of combined experience in performance cars. Also, if you want to modify your classic with updated accessories including 4- or 5-speed swaps, power steering, air conditioning, power brakes, custom interiors, or just about anything else, give us a call.