General Services


If you are considering the purchase of a classic vehicle, you have probably watched the Mechum Auto Auctions and the Barrett-Jackson Auctions and have noticed that the prices can vary greatly and are generally associated with rarity, condition, options, originality, and a few other factors.  Whether you are new to the collector market or are a seasoned professional and just need a second set of eyes and opinion about a potential vehicle let the FantomWorks team help you out. If you bring the vehicle to us, we can do the inspection for no cost. If you have no way to get the vehicle to us, we are supported by a towing service that moves cars for us at a lower cost than anywhere you can find and we’ll have them pick up the car and deliver it here at whatever their cost is (no markup of any kind). We previously travelled to customer’s houses to do inspections but regrettably had to discontinue that service. Due the extreme demands of our time here at the shop combined with the poor access to critical inspection areas on the vehicle (underneath the chassis) we found it impractical and not cost effective.