Life is a Highway

“These aren’t just cars made out of steel, cloth, and glass; they are the dreams of our youth. Now that we’re older and life has changed profoundly; what we once thought simply desirable now represent that link to the best of our youth. Getting them back on the road might just be one of the most important things we will ever do.”

— Dan Short    FantomWorks


Restorations & Reconstructions

Need to bring your dream car back to life? Has your favorite ride been neglected for too long? Bring it to us and we will have it looking and driving better than new.


Maintenance & Repair

We can do small repairs and tune ups or major projects like engine rebuilds.


We can handle anything from updating your radio to swapping an engine.



Completed Projects

Want to see what we’ve worked on in the past? Check out our Completed Projects Gallery