1968 Ford Mustang (Fastback)

As seen on Season Three of FantomWorks

 Owner Insight:

The first time visiting Fantomworks (I am from Florida) I asked Dan if he had ever built a Mustang Eleanor.  The response was the finger movement, follow me. The shop is large, after traveling over hill, through the valley and beyond the trees I cam face to face with a ’68 Fastback; stripped down body with the Eleanor body kit produced all out of metal (that was a first).  As conversation ensued I came to realize this car was available.  At that moment I remember noticing my wife dropping hear head…code for, “Oh no, we are buying another car”.   As usual Norene was correct, but this is not just any car…it’s Eleanor.  Dan got deep in my wallet when he suggested the idea that was to build a Mustang like non other; part Eleanor and part Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.  The most beautiful views in the movie was with co-star Jacqueline Bisset or the “68 Fastback.  One of the best chase seems ever in a movie.  This car also represents my most painful experience in my couple of years as rest-o-mod connoisseur.  If ever building a car with Dan and you would like AC in a street legal race car, please remember to ask from a distance…better chance of avoiding the shrapnel, I still dodge an occasional flying object.  Look for the car in a future episode of Fantomworks and at SEMA later this year.  I’ll be the guy standing close by with the grin from ear to ear.

–Donnie M.

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Mustang got a new grille in 1968. The horizontal bars were removed and chrome trim was added, and the corral around the pony was thinner than in ’67. The side scoops were thin chrome pieces, and “Mustang” on the fenders was written in script rather than block letters. 1968 was the first year for shoulder seat belts.

Ford’s larger 427 was introduced on 1968 Mustang GTs. Combined with the GT’s standard front disc brakes, performance tires, heavy-duty suspension, and dual exhaust with chrome quad outlets, the engine elevated this pony car it its raciest version yet. New cosmetics also were included for 1968, with new styled steel wheels in chrome or painted silver with special GT hub caps, and new “C” stripe that accented the side scoop.

Read more about Mustangs at: http://themustangsource.com/timeline/67-68/68/index.htm

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