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Reality TV Show

Restorations performed by FantomWorks are not sponsored by outside vendors.  What this means is whether your vehicle is chosen for a restoration on our TV show or not, any and all restorations are performed at the vehicle owners’ expense.

 You heard it right! We’re going to be filming an internationally televised “Reality TV” show.

Want us to feature your car on our upcoming show?

We cannot guarantee that your vehicle will appear on television.  The Discovery Velocity network and New Dominion Pictures have the final say in what does or does not get featured on the television show.  For whatever reason, that may or may not be known to us, your vehicle may or may not be featured.

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  14. By clicking the box below I understand DRS Automotive FantomWorks does not cover the cost in any way, shape, and/or form for vehicle restorations performed on it's nationally televised show or when off camera.

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