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FantomWorks endeavors to provide superior quality craftsmanship, old fashioned customer service, and complete up front honesty. We enthusiastically invite you to ask any of our customers about their experiences with FantomWorks and discover how we have earned our extraordinary reputation.


If you ask us to price a job over the phone without letting us see it, you’ll be disappointed as we won’t answer. If you call our “competitors” willing to price your project without reviewing it, you’ll be significantly more disappointed when you get your final bill and realize you are out thousands of dollars more than quoted and didn't get the quality you were expecting.


We strongly encourage you to research any automotive shop’s quality, reputation, and integrity before you make any sort of investment. After thorough research, we are confident you will discover FantomWorks is your only choice because, in reality, we don’t have any local competition and only a handful of competitors in the United States.


“FantomWorks, because you’ve waited long enough…”