52,000 square feet of awesome

We love to have visitors!

We can brag about what we have to offer, and what you stand to gain, all day long, but you really need to see it for yourself.  Come see what we take pride in doing and see what it is we can do to even the most complicated restorations.  Tour our astoundingly large facility in which we repair, build, and create.

We host a live on-site tour every Wednesday and Friday beginning at 3:00pm.

Tours are a great way to get the feel of what it is to be here at FantomWorks.  Please arrive by 2:45pm but no earlier then 2:30pm as the nature of our business and the extent of filming can create issues when guest arrive too early.   To ensure that everyone enjoys the tour, we will limit tour groups to 40 people. The cost of the tour is $10 per person regardless of age. If we are at capacity and you must attend the tour that day, the charge will be $15, with overage limited to 10 people.  The tour is first come, first serve.

Please note:  We have a large Alpha female German Shepard, Heidi, that guards the grounds here at FantomWorks. She is great at her job and a third of the time she gets along with other dogs, a third of the time there are fights and occasionally visiting pets disappear.  So, we love pets but please do not bring your pet to the tour as we cannot guarantee that Heidi will get along with them.

(Please understand due to the amount of work we have with the vehicles and filming 5 days a week, we are just not able to escort people around the shop or have visitors everyday. That is why we offer the tour on these days at 3:00 pm, we can not allow people to just walk around due to insurance purposes and that this is a real shop not a set.)

If you can’t visit us for one of our tours, then check out the photos of our facilities below!

The building is a work of art from a pre-war era and a testimonial to the artisanship of our fathers and grandfathers.  Built in 1941 as a linen cleaning facility, we have now turned it into the largest classic car restoration facility (in terms of square feet).

This triple layer brick and free-span steel girder building is 52,000 SF on the bottom floor alone.  This historic building is absolutely amazing inside and out.  We are restoring it to its former glory including restoring the wood roof,  repainting the steel girders, bringing the bricks back to their original look, and several other restoration projects.

Restoring the 3″ thick wood roof decking requires complete stripping, rebuilding, and painting of the wood.  We are returning it back to the correct brilliant white that it once was.  We are painting the massive 100′ free span steel girders back to their original bright silver and stripping the bricks back to their original clean face.   All windows are in restoration with safety laminated glass and restored steel frames.

This renovated  52,000 SF facility includes everything to complete your restoration quickly and professionally.

Click on a toggle to see more of that area of the shop!

Administrative (Green)


The sense of classic awesomeness starts as soon as you set  foot into our foyer.  Check out some of our classic signs that cover the walls all the way up to the ceiling. You may also meet Heidi, our shop dog.

Front Offices

To your right upon entering the Foyer are our Front Offices, which have been completely renovated from the cinder block and drop ceiling that used to be here.  As you will quickly learn, every inch of FantomWorks is covered in Americana and other cool things. Notice our Route 66 Highway signs and the Pirate Lady waiting to swing down from her crow’s nest. This is also where you will meet our office staff who can help you with any questions you may have.

Dan’s Office

Just behind the Front Offices is Dan’s Office.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see Dan behind his desk.  He is always running around the shop making sure everything is running smoothly. If you have a meeting in here with Dan, you may sit at the table, which is over a hundred years old.  How many meetings do you think it has listened to? We also have a little kitchenette hiding around the corner.  That microwave has made many many many cups of tea for Dan.

Malt Shop

From our front offices you can enter our customer waiting lounge, also known as the Malt Shop.  Feel like you’ve gone back in time with its 1950’s Malt Shop style.  It also houses a small portion of the Americana that you will see throughout the entire facility. This is where Dan keeps some of his most prized finds and collectibles.  Heidi also likes to hang out in here because it’s got cool tile floors.

Show Room

Just outside of the Malt Shop is our Gallery space. This is where we present cars to their owners before they take them home. Our Show Room area runs the entire width of our facility. Here you can see many of the cars that we are currently working on as well as more of our classic sign collection. We want to display anything and everything cool, so don’t forget to look up. Not everything is on a wall.

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FinishWorks (Beige)


Our upholstery shop is equipped to fulfill all of your automotive upholstery needs.  We can build you new seats from scratch, recover the old ones, or repair the old ones.  Need your rag top fixed or a new one custom made?  Come see us.  If it involves automotive fabric, we can fix the old one or custom make you a new one.


We can install a stereo, get your dash running like new again, or rewire your entire car.  If you want an alarm system installed, just ask.   Need custom audio for your sweet ride?  We got you covered.  If it involves electrical wiring, we’ll hook you up.

Finish Bays

The Finish Bays are where upholstery items and electronic items are installed into a vehicle.  It’s also where we replace light bulbs, do inspections, install glass, and all sorts of other “interior” jobs.  We also detail cars here so that they look good as, if not better than new.

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BodyWorks (Red)

Prep & Body Shop

Our Prep & Body Shop is where we prepare cars for the various stages of painting.  We fix pinholes and orange peel issues.  We sand vehicles to make sure they have a smooth surface for the paint to bond to.  This is also where we do much of our taping off for the areas that don’t need to be painted.

Paint Booth

We do our own painting here at FantomWorks.  Our paint booth can accommodate touch ups, panel painting, rims, full vehicle painting, and even toilets!    We can even do custom paint work and designs for you to give your vehicle that extra something special.  If we can fit it in our paint booth, we can paint it for you.


Powder Booth and Finish Area

Our Powder Booth is there for all your powder coat needs, as long as your needs fit into our booth.

The Finish Area is for buffing your paint job to a mirror like finish.  It also a place where we can add the final touches to any paint job.

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IronWorks (Grey)

Metal Shop

The FantomWorks Metal Shop can custom make just about anything out of metal.  Our metal guys are true craftsmen.  They can fix anything from a small rust spot to recreating entire panels of a vehicle if needed.  Our guys may look mean, but they’re all softies at heart.  Don’t be surprised if you hear doo-wop or golden oldies music coming from their shop.

Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop has lathes for every project.  We also have a Hypertherm plasma cutting table and plasma cutter.  If you need custom milled metal work, we’re the place for you.

Our Machine shop is currently acquiring a second floor.  Please pardon our dust.


Our shop foundry is capable of smelting and molding all kinds of metal.  Once we have the metal ingots we can use molds to make some of our own parts.  Our foundry also serves as a recycling endeavor here at FantomWorks.  We recycle the aluminum cans from our employees’ lunches to use for later projects.

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MotorWorks (Orange)

Motor Bays

Our Motor Bay is always busy.  We are always repairing and replacing brakes, transmissions, engines, carburetors, etc.  If it’s mechanical, we’re working on it.  We have 6 lifts for working under cars and every space in between has another car that we’re working on from the top.

Engine and Carburetor Rooms

MotorWorks has dedicated rooms for working on engines and carburetors.  These rooms are where we store parts for the engines and carburetors and many of the specialty tools to work on them.  These rooms also serve to create a little bit of quiet from the noise of the Motor Bays so that our MotorWorks guys can have a little more concentration when working on these intricate machines.


The Parts Room housing all of the things we use regularly, like lubricants, brake fluid, engine cleaner, hose clamps, and anything else that isn’t a vehicle specific part.   This is also where we order and process parts that we need for a specific vehicle.  It’s a combination of everything you could need on a daily basis and how to get the parts you need for that special project.

Bike Shop

Step into our newly renovated Bike Shop.  If you want anything for your bike from routine maintenance to custom work, we’re your shop.

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RestoWorks (Yellow)

Sign Shop

Our sign shop is currently under renovation.  It will have all the capabilities to repair and restore your neon signs.  We can also repair and restore classic enamel and wood signs.  The Sign Shop is the home of RestoWorks, but RestoWorks also shares the Wood Shop with BoatWorks and the Machine Shop with IronWorks as needed.

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