I have always been fascinated by time travel, antiquities, and the very thin line that separates reality from spirituality and life from death.
A dream that made no sense many years ago and a professor who inspired me to write about the philosophies of Rene Descartes combined to instill the basis for a story that has haunted me for years. In order to tell the story, I had to experience a unique journey.
The journey that Chuck and I took focused on the locations and events in the book.


     A phone call in the middle of the night alerts an estranged son to his  wealthy father’s death and  upcoming funeral.  The son’s only friend of many years accompanies him on the journey which leads to a reading of an unexplainable will, more questions than answers, and his long dead mother’s derelict car.  The friends attempt a journey home in the car trying to salvage something of their so far empty and upsetting trip only to find that the intended path is impossible and a detour leads them to secondary highways long forgotten to time.  After the discovery of his dead mother’s journal revealing their fateful path, they begin to find the answers to questions about the mother’s death, the father’s anger, and their very existences.  The Journal explains the present, their past, and most importantly re-defines  their future.  They are forced to take a journey that neither of them had wanted and now have no choice but to follow.